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Torch Light

Sam Carver is a firefighter in a rundown 1989 Buffalo, New York ghetto. At heart a good man, Sam sees his life spiraling away: he's behind on child support, being pursued by the mobsters he owes money, and has a drug problem.

Then, while attempting and failing to save a child in a house fire, a green flame appears and changes Sam's world.

Alana, not from Earth and completely ignorant of basic daily human activities, needs help to save not only her life, but also her planet. And she's being pursued by beings like her, but with superhuman strength and an unflagging desire to see her dead.

Sam is the superhero who won't quit ... but will he survive?


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Breeze, a young woman in present-day Connecticut, goes into a medically inexplicable coma. Her boyfriend, Yannie, a senior at Yale, has to get her the help she needs to survive while trying to solve the mystery of this goddess-like free spirit who appeared out of nowhere two months before.

In part two, Breeze awakens in a different body in a different place and time. She is at Troy in the body of Briseis, love-slave of Achilles. She fears she’ll be taken for a demon. She knows the story she is trapped in, and she learns that she can make changes in what the story leaves unsaid, so long as she doesn't alter the direction of the narrative.

In part three, Breeze finds herself in still another body. It's the fourth century AD and she’s at the temple of the Eleusinian Mysteries, near Athens. A young woman lies down on the altar next to the corpse of another young woman. In the ritual, she expects her soul will move to the body of the dead woman. Instead, the dead woman comes to life with the soul of Breeze. That glitch leads to humorous complications as well insights into the ironies of everyday life and love.

Breeze and Richard's three previous novels (Parallel Lives, Beyond the 4th Door, and Nevermind) can be read in any order. They are independent stories, with overlapping themes and styles. Each novel presents a different view of reality, a different way of trying to understand the mysteries of life.



Austin is 15-year-old with autism who communicates using apps on his iPad, loves his family, and is not at all comfortable with change. He much prefers his life to follow its prescribed routine.But life doesn't always listen. When the majestic wild stallion appears outside his window in the middle of the night, Austin's carefully constructed life begins to overflow with change. He experiences an almost mystical connection to the wild stallion that helps him to push through his boundaries. He begins to make direct eye contact with people, develops friendships, and overcomes limitations that have long defined him.And he is willing to risk all when he learns that there is a threat to the magnificent creature that has served as a catalyist for positive change, however difficult, in his world.



With the state of Florida for a backdrop, Raines in the Day, is the story of one man’s life as it unfolds through the first half of the 20th Century. Rich with the bittersweet gifts of life and infused with the beauty of the sea and the outdoors, Raines in the Day details John Raines journey through loss, love, and healing. With appeal to readers of Patrick Smith’s A Land Remembered, and Richard Powell’s I Take This Land, John Raines’ journey is a portrait of a man grappling with inner and outer changes, struggling to understand his own heart, and fighting to move beyond the losses and limitations of his past. The second in the Raines Family trilogy, Raines in the Day takes up where the first volume, Men Without Hate, left off.




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The lives of Ruth and Mark are transformed by nevermind magic that Ruth learned from her mother—magic that can undo what has been done and alter the shape of reality. They fall in love and marry in their early 20s during WWII. They split up, then meet forty years later and fall in love again. When they first meet, their on-again-off-again romance and the challenges of wartime America force them to grow up quickly. Their marriage falls apart when they lose their four-month-old son, Davey, during a transcontinental train trip. They blame one another and divorce. Then, separately, each of them invokes nevermind, finds Davey, and raises him. When they meet and fall in love for the second time, they realize they've been living in parallel worlds and need to bring those worlds together into a new reality.




Natasha Alvandi

?Over half of my day is dealing with Daniel Conrad complaints.? ?Anonymous Evergreen Administrator"Daniel Conrad is a sick pervert." -Tweet by NotYourPuppy19Psychology professor Daniel Conrad is a jerk, plain and simple. He wrote a book extolling the pleasures of sleeping with younger women, arguing that once a woman?s frontal lobe forms, she?s no longer good in the sack. He?s fifty-three, old enough to know better.Blamed for sins he never commits, Daniel Conrad needs an escape, but can he break free before the trappings of an academic life gone amok get him killed first? Daniel Conrad Deserves to Die is a comedic coming of old age novel which confronts the nagging feeling that there?s more to life than safety and comfort. This novel addresses the concept of toxic masculinity and forces readers to wonder if there is a place for men like Daniel in our world or if they really have no other choice but to die.



Tim Reardon

Fifteen-year-old Grace Ryan is pregnant, which is a great surprise to her because she?s still a virgin. She is also experiencing visions of a beautiful lady?or maybe they?re just dreams. With the pace of a thriller and Grace ultimately acting as detective in her own mystery, the novel moves at breakneck speed toward shocking revelations regarding Grace?s family, her best friends, and her baby."What makes Infinite Worth such a good book is that it balances the complexity of family in modern America against a sense of wonder?it skillfully blends the sacred with the profane. Against this is the backdrop of San Francisco. Tim Reardon loves the city of Saint Francis every bit as much as I do, but from a different angle. If I bear the legacy of Herb Caen and Jon Carroll, then he bears the legacy of Hitchcock. " ~Kevin Fisher-Paulson, Author, A Song for Lost Angels and How We Keep Spinning...!




Without knowing why or how, two college students wake up 50 years older than they were when they went to sleep and with no memory of what has happened in between. Trying to figure this all out, they read a novel that Frank wrote about them and his family before the missing years. This novel within the novel is a coming-of-age family saga with Charlie, an amateur movie maker; Sarah, his insightful bible-believing mother; Irene, his creative and uninhibited wife; Frank, his nephew, the author of the novel; and Marge, who loves and hates both Frank and Charlie. Can they sort truth from fiction when perception and action are often shaped by lies? Frank and Marge bond with one another as they find ways to slip through cracks in time and space. Cracks that are doors to their past, present, and future. The first door is birth. The second is death. Finally, Frank and Marge go through the fourth door.


Dream Makers

Larry Martin is a struggling graduate student in architecture school in the late 1990s. The stress of the program has exasperated his anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder and he notices his stress-induced dreams have been coming to fruition. When one dream about the destruction of Earth due to a cataclysmic meteor collision disturbs him, Larry seeks the advice from a former professor who recommends Larry talks to a specialist in paranormal psychology. She convinces Larry to inject an experimental microchip in his head that enables real-time monitoring of his dreams. They find they can manipulate the dreams to alter past, present, and future events. They also discover other ?Dream Makers? employed by the government and who are using their powers to aid a corrupt president named Beaumont. Larry develops a romantic connection and the two have several experiences and eventually realize that their choices affect the survival of humanity and the future of the planet.

The Eternal Elements:

The Blood of God


J.R.R. Jones

 Killian Gold has never fought a fleet of UFOs. He?s never spoken anything into existence and he?s certainly never been in love. He has, however, befriended leprechauns, mermaids, and brownies in his explorations across the world. But now, as the supernatural seeps its way into the material, he?ll have to use every skill he?s learned to survive with a little help from a pair of twin girls named Andromeda and Pandora. Together, they?ll fight for their lives as they discover the true meaning of the Blood of God.



Eiryanne, an orphan, is on the run after her village is brutally attacked and destroyed by the evil Emperor's soldiers. Little does Eiryanne know that her chance encounter with a strange man would change her life forever and reveal her true destiny. The man, a shapeshifter, is Danzellius Daggoras, the Red Dragon, The Lord of Fire, an ancient warrior and mage. Eiryanne learns she is a descendant of a long line of human mages and her only possession?The Necklace of Tairung?was left to her by her parents for safekeeping against its malevolent creator, the corrupt black unicorn, Tairung. Together, Eiryanne and Danzi must navigate their way to Boyerin Cavern where the necklace can be destroyed, and its evil creator silenced forever. As they set out, Eiryanne is uneasy about her alliance with Danzi and is frightened by his violence and ease at which he kills. She knows she has no choice, her destiny is in his hands, but to what end?


In this collection of old-school style horror stories, Mark Towse takes readers on a wild ride with unexpected twists and turns. Once read, these tales will not be easily forgotten.


The story, which begins in an assisted-living facility in New Hampshire, leads to 18th century Boston and London, where there may be unfinished business that residents, through mirror selves, must take care of. As Abe, Mercy, and their friends come under the influence of forces they don't understand, they adopt antique attire, get drunk on two-hundred-year-old wine, and become experts in the lives of their other selves. In their alter egos, Mercy is Mercy Otis Warren, playwright and historian from Massachusetts at the time of the American Revolution; and Abe is Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne, the general who at Saratoga lost the battle that led to England losing the war and who then became one of the most popular playwrights on the London stage.After dreams of what their other selves did and could have done, Mercy and Abe discover a tunnel in the basement that leads to other places and other times, where they could accidentally or deliberately change the course of history.




 By the end of the last world war, the human race had almost obliterated itself. Earth dissolved into Melahem, shambles of a once great world, pieced together in an attempt at survival. Even that was not enough to open their eyes. They are out of time. The prophecies are unfolding. The first of the seven trumpets has blown.Azrael, a reaper, has been sent to save the last of the innocent before the seventh trumpet sounds, when the curtain between Hell and Earth will tear and the Devil?s army of demons will claim the souls of the lost. Lumen, a fisherman, meets Azrael soon after the first trumpet rings out over the land. Desperate to save the souls of his friends and family, Lumen earns his place fighting alongside Azrael in the name of the innocent.


 Sundogs and Sinners is a tale of love and hate, nurture and neglect, traditions and taboos that shines cold light upon the dangers of chasing what cannot be caught.Jasmine is the daughter of opposite worlds: Angela, her mother, the white privileged debutant from the upper echelons of Fargo?s wealthiest and politically empowered and Jasmine?s biological father, Dave, the eighth of nine children of a Minneapolis single Ojibwe mother. Driven by the death of her elder teenage brother and her resentment at having always resided in his shadow, Angela looks for her missing emotional pieces in Dave?s ?otherness? which results in a torrid, tumultuous, but temporary, bond and the unplanned birth of their child. A decade later, Jasmine lives in the affluent Fargo fold of Angela?s and Angela?s husband, Lars? socially prominent families. Though Jasmine seems to have everything, she now is the one in search of missing pieces. Angela never speaks of Dave; Dave hasn?t had contact with their daughter since she was two-years old, and Jasmine wants to know why. The larger looming question is what, if any, part does Dave being Ojibwe play in Jasmine?s identity.When Rosella, an Ojibwe girl adopted at infancy by non-Native parents, moves to town, she and Jasmine become fast middle school friends. Together, they face off with mean girls armed with racial slurs, confront the complexity of first crushes, and, inevitably, explore Jasmine?s ever-growing need to know the truth about her mother, her legally adoptive father, and, most of all, Dave.As Jasmine pushes the search forward, Angela pulls back from her daughter and husband as the trauma and twisted urges of her youth re-awaken, and Angela pursues the elusive missing pieces she has yet to find. As mother and daughter unwittingly move closer to the same destination, secrets, lies, and raw realities threaten to destroy everyone involved. While some pieces are discovered, others will be lost forever, and Jasmine will be left to build who she truly is out of the ones that remain.


Traffic Jam in Your Arteries

 Twelve-year-old Victor Valens and his eleven-year-old cousin Sal Sultus live on opposite sides of the country, until Sal and her mother move next door to the Valenses. Victor is a tech-savvy know-it-all. Sal, a science geniusin her own right, is dealing with the death of her father while adjusting to a new home. Victordoesn?t make the move any easier for Sal. In fact, their relationship is tumultuous to say the least. When their grandpa gets sick, their world is shaken. They try to understand the disease that has struck him and determine that theunderlying cause is a deadly disease with a big word, atherosclerosis.?Atherosclerosis Attack by Dr. Cate Moriasi and Dr. Kathleen Coughlan is a fun, light-heartedread on a very serious and important topic. The story is well laid out, with a fun, futuristictechnological twist. The authors do a great job taking a complex subject with detailed medicalcomponents, and frame it in an understandable and relatable way."~Caitlin, Community Outreach Director




 The Old Man, as he?s now known, was born during a time when Mortals and Immortals coexisted. He knew many of them, but that was 400 years ago. Before the revolution. Before they were all exterminated. Since then he?s been living day to day, trying to maintain the memories he has of them. His world, in what has been dubbed the Eternal Era, is one that never changes. No one dies, but no one is born, either. A world frozen in banality. Eventually, the Old Man takes matters into his own hands after discovering a way to reverse his immortality. Now nearing the end of his life, he sits down to write his memoir, to tell about all those friends he loved so dearly, to explain why he did what he did and what it means for humanity?s future.




 Aggie May, newly and unhappily retired from teaching, fears dementia when she begins to see visions from the past, like a 1950s-era Super Constellation at JFK airport and World War II soldiers at Grand Central Terminal. Then she gets a recruitment visit from Abe Irving of the American Association of Remarkable Persons (?the other AARP?) who explains she has developed the ability to travel through time. Soon Aggie joins other ?Remarkables? on a mission to nineteenth-century New York City in an effort to locate a missing photographic portrait of Abraham Lincoln created by the Civil War photographer Mathew Brady. While learning the rules and limits of time travel, Aggie faces the possibility that she may have both extraordinary power and extraordinary vulnerability. Aggie and Abe, two stubborn and independent people, must struggle to come to an understanding over how and when to take risks, including emotional risks.




Suppose that the most famous line of the Declaration of Independence, "All men are created equal," was not actually first written by Thomas Jefferson but was part of a Charter of a French Privateer, Black Caesar, an escaped slave from an island in the Louisiana Territory.Now suppose you are the academic who is helping the person who discovered this fact. In contemporary USA, the news might not be eagerly received by a public that thinks "multicultural" is synonymous with un-American.These Truths shifts back and forth in time, mostly following the trials of Gil Sykes, an English professor whose colleague has found the Charter in the ruins of a villa in Haiti. The resulting furor results in nothing but trouble for the pair as they are punished, especially by their respective institutions, for publishing the truth.While touching on historical issues of slavery, this novel also deals with contemporary issues of race, sexual harassment, intimidation, and conservative political correctness

In the Unsettled Homeland of Dreams



"... we were going to West Harbor to hear Negro Bennett preach in 1854 ... Bennett was about sixty years old at the time. I think the largest negro settlement in the county, if not the state, was at West Harbor in the early fifties." [From Jesse Miner, 1937. History and Anecdotes of Washington Island: Duo Van Publishing Company]Washington Island, Wisconsin in the 1850s was about as remote from the slave-holding southern states as it was possible to get in the United States. Before the passage of the second Fugitive Slave Act, which made it legal for bounty hunters to capture any black person they claimed was an escaped slave in the abolitionist states, a number of black families established a fishing community on the island.This is the tale of those slaves who escaped from the boot of Missouri and eventually made it, under the leadership of the charismatic black preacher Tom Bennett, and with the invaluable help of the Underground Railroad, to a new life in freedom ~ and what happened then.




 This book delineates the true story of an American girl, Ora Ray Baker, who fell in love with an Indian mystic by the name of Hazrat Inayat Khan. They were married in London and settled in Paris. Their firstborn daughter Noor-un-Nissa, during WWII became a British spy in Paris. She was captured by Gestapo and later killed in Concentration Camp in Germany. Their eldest son Vilayat Khan served in Royal British Navy, docked on the beaches of Normandy to deliver men, weapons and equipment to allied forces. He survived WWII and now his son Pir Zia carries the Sufi legacy of his grandparents Ora Ray Baker and Hazrat Inayat Khan in Richmond Virginia, USA. Ora Ray Baker?s memories are still alive in Fazal Manzil in Suresnes, a suburb of Paris where she lived and died, her home, now a Sufi retreat. It also hosts memories of her husband and their children, especially of Noor-un-Nissa who was posthumously awarded highest medals, French Croix de Guerre presented by General Charles de Gaulle and British George Cross by King of England George V1. She is also enshrined in a movie, Spy Princess.

Red and White


Kenneth Weene

 During the years after the Civil War, Lonely Cricket, a Native American boy, strives to learn his people?s ways and traditions and to grow to manhood. This is a difficult task for any youngster, but Lonely Cricket is coming of age in a world that is changing. One in which Euro-Americans are determined to change Indians into reflections of the White world. Caught between the tales and traditions of his tribe and the ever-encroaching world of the White Man, Lonely Cricket must figure out how to live, whom to love, and most difficult of all who he really is. As Lonely Cricket battles to find himself, the twists and turns of his story reveal more about his background than he ever expected to know.



Rick Novak

 Silicon Valley transforms American medicine with the invention of Doctor Vita, the world?s first artificial intelligence physician module. Medical care is streamlined, automated, consistent, and costs are controlled. Enter Dr. Alec Lucas, a young computer scientist and physician who perceives serious flaws in the FutureCare System. Patients are dying. When Lucas makes his concerns public, he?s persecuted as an unsafe outlier of antiquated and flawed human medical care. The FutureCare System attacks his quixotic bid to halt the revolution in medical technology, and Lucas strives to solve the dystopian horrors behind Doctor Vita.




 Trudy Kelly began her life in the rolling hills of Oklahoma in 1915. The child of a sharecropper/preacher, and a tiny, stubborn woman, Trudy feels certain of her father's love, but endures escalating conflict with her bitter mother who struggles to provide for her six children?s physical needs but shows little tenderness. After one last climactic encounter, Trudy escapes with a young man she has known all her life but doesn't love. They set out for California, pursuing her husband's dream of owning his own trucking business. The journey takes years and leads them through the depths of the Great Depression and their own worsening relationship. Trudy, with two sons before she turns twenty, becomes accustomed to ?making the best of it.? Empathy for her mother grows as she begins to understand what Mama's struggles have done to her.At last Trudy and Joe arrive at their destination, but by that point her husband?s drinking and abuse have destroyed any chance of her loving him. A devoted reader of the Brontë sisters' novels before her elopement, she gives up on ever finding her Heathcliff?until she meets someone who renews her hopes.However, she soon realizes that real life isn?t a romance novel and that relying on her own interior strength is her best option.




When your first break from home is your first break with reality ... Paige Masters knows something isn't quite right, but figures once she gets to college, life will get better. Instead, it gets worse. Desperate to quiet the voices in her head telling her to kill herself, Paige overdoses on her roommate's sleeping meds, her ticket to the university emergency room and, from there, a 72-hour hold at an adolescent psychiatric facility that turns into months that feel like they'll never end. Inside those cotton-candy-pink walls, Paige turns 18, and discovers that adulthood brings a whole new set of rights. When she checks herself out, she is ill-prepared for what comes next.




Pursuing a sport without the requisite talent can be considered foolish; pursuing it over decades can be considered borderline madness. In this lyrical memoir, Patricia Schultheis uses skating to examine the richness and constraints of her Catholic girlhood, the impact of the upheavals of the sixties on her young marriage, and how skating provided a release from the demands of marriage, motherhood, and a career. When a series of devastating losses, including the death of her husband, knocked her off her feet, she wondered if she could get up again. But skating had been a constant in her life for so long, she returned to the ice and discovered that features of the sport ~ its unpredictability, unexpected rewards, and many possibilities for grace ~ mirror those of life itself.




Sanna Pennbrook, a fifteen-year-old Native American, decides to kill the president when her mother, a dual citizen of the U.S. and the Cherokee Nation, is arrested at the airport under the administration's new ONE (One Nation Education) policy and is taken to a detention center. Sanna turns to her mother's friends to figure out how she can help. After deciphering her mother's mysterious book and learning lessons in intersectional feminism, Sanna decides she wants to undo the many injustices of the past - and this means resorting to violence.




 Freedom! Security! This serio-comic novel, set in 1959, dramatizes the conflict between two human yearnings. Walter Mott, a shy, lonesome bachelor, lives secretly in his office, in order to save money, retire early, and travel the world. But life gets complicated when he falls in love with a young coworker. Oh, and after a late-night fling with a striptease dancer, he winds up giving the crabs to hundreds of his coworkers!

 ?Kal Wagenheim brings back brilliantly those mind-deadening days of closed corporate life in America when creative minds worked mostly, and indefatigably, in trying to find ways to escape from it. Walter Mott, lost in the office maze, was brilliant at thinking up a sort of Rube Goldberg scheme as a way to escape, but fate, and his proving all too human, led him into all sorts of misadventures along the way. By turns funny and ironic, it also provides details of what office life was like back then, the way it once was. Wagenheim has written a comic novel that is a tour de force.? ? John Bowers, author of the novels ?Love In Tennessee?, ?The Colony?, ?No More Reunions?, ?Helene?, ?In The Land of Nyx? and many non-fiction works.




 When George Hammon's teenaged wife dies in childbirth in 1914, he flees small-town Iowa for Europe and the horrors of the Great War. Surviving battles, homelessness, and disease, he squanders his days on women and wine, trying to forget his lost love.

But life is not idle in Iowa during his absence, and when a bitter and weary George comes home twenty-two years later, he finds a web of murder, suicide, and shocking revelations. The future of his family rests on one terrible choice...but is he prepared to make it? Spanning the years 1893 through 2009, "Hammon Falls" weaves a tapestry of estrangement, loss, love, sacrifice, and redemption.




When high school English teacher Sean Cullinan comes across a specialty publisher looking for fresh African-American voices, he decides to submit his latest manuscript. One problem: Cully is white. Enter Janine Russell, black lieutenant in the San Francisco fire department and long-time friend of Cullinan. Together, they create a literary hoax that eventually fuels a national race debate. In Shadow Lessons new author Tim Reardon delves deep into the heart of the volatile American race conversation in a work that overflows with humor, honesty, and courage.

"Don't let Reardon's breezy style fool you. Underneath the humor and crackling dialogue is a well-crafted novel. It also just happens to be an off-beat examination of race in America. Don't let that fool you either."

-Stephen McFeely, screenwriter, The Chronicles of Narnia




Sean Edward La Roux, AKA Shrimpy, whose life bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain knight of the round table, is just twenty-four years old when, with the help of four friends, he engineers one of the greatest crimes ever committed- the embezzlement of eight million dollars from a bank outside of Boston. Shrimpy heads off on an incredible journey, one which takes him across the country and around the world, but no matter how far he travels he can never leave the memory of Jenny, the only girl he ever loved behind him. When Shrimpy meets the exotic Elanya at a hotel in Venice, it seems like he may finally have a chance to leave the past behind him, but a phone call from Jenny informing him that his best friend has been arrested may mean that it's time to do the unthinkable- turn himself in. It's a long road to redemption, but anyone can get there, even a devious little Shrimp.




What is it like to work inside a state hospital or to be a patient in such a hospital? What is it like to live inside the mind of such a patient? This tragi-comedic novel takes the reader inside the asylum, inside the worlds of three central characters: a narrator who has taken refuge from his fears of the world, a psychiatrist whose own life has been damaged by his father's depression, and a catatonic schizophrenic whose world is trapped inside a crack in the wall opposite her bed. This is the interwoven story of their lives, a story that includes love, sexuality, violence, deaths, celebrations, circuses, and surprising twists. As the plot unwinds, the reader learns a great deal about the nature of futility, frustration, and freedom. 




How easy is it for an investment broker to deceive clients? Very, particularly if his personal hero is Bernie Madoff.

Skip Horowitz, along with his old pal A.J., has created what they believe is a foolproof scheme using commodities trading, bookmaking, and various other businesses as covers. Their plan has served them well for decades, surviving the scrutiny of government agencies lacking solid proof to support any allegations of wrongdoing. But luck can't hold forever...or can it? Catherine O'Reilley, newly sponsored in the high-risk world of investment strategy by Skip Horowitz, is about to find out.




Tom Bodett once said that Homer, Alaska was "the farthest place you could go without a passport." The colorful cast of characters that inhabit this collection of interconnected stories live at the very end of the westernmost highway in North America, driven there by love and loneliness, God and greed. In the shadow of the snow capped peaks and ancient glaciers, they live out their lives-both comic and tragic-in hopes of getting through just one more day of salmon season.

In this vivid, moving collection, Mark Lewandowski brings us the tough poetry of the Alaskan fishing industry, an end-of-the-world ecosystem of Slime-Line Queens and drunks, Born-Agains and sinners. Like the fish workers he describes, Lewandowski knows how to eviscerate. He peels back his characters' thick skins and removes their still-beating hearts. Halibut Rodeo is an arresting collection of stories about lonely people trying to find each other and hold on.

-- Lili Wright, author of Learning to Float




This psychological detective novel explores the once largely unacknowledged-not only soldiers get post-traumatic stress disorder: that child abuse whether it is overt or covert incest, is a time bomb. Lily's Odyssey unfolds with the inevitability, impact, and resolution of an ancient Greek play. The dialogue rings true, the journey conveyed with moods and half-tones, to portray fragmented Midwestern characters with poignancy. From child to grandmother, Lily's voyage is told with lyricism, humor, and irony through a poet's voice to distill American life in religion, marriage, and family. A contemporary odyssey without maps by a woman short listed for the 2009 Eric Hoffer Award for Best New Writing, a National Federation of State Poetry Societies Award Winner.

"I first came across Carol Smallwood's work in Best New Writing 2010 and her writing immediately grabbed my interest. Smallwood's ability to effectively contrast such emotional opposites as Christmas and death makes for unique, thought provoking reading and her skill in rendering characters so lifelike that they seemed to be in the room with the reader is quite remarkable. A writer worthy of attention."

Chris Helvey, author of Purple Adobe and Editor/Publisher of Trajectory.




In New Orleans following Katrina all bets are of; all masks dissolved. "Don't forget the sham in shaman," Jacob Laguerre lies to his new apprentice, Alex Hampton. When Alex, a twenty-eight year-old anthropology professor goes on field-study to post-Katrina New Orleans, he enters a chaotic and altered landscape where he's psychologically, physically and spiritually challenged by the sarcastic mentoring of the mulatto, Laguerre, a current day voudou shaman.

Both Laquerre's and Alex's psyches struggle through stages of transition and rebirth as their lives are enmeshed with a group of quirky fringe-dwellers, as colorful and eccentric as the New Orleans itself. Lily Hampton, a sculptor, torn between her love for both men; Mavis, an artist who spent nights in her attic, but survived the floods; Perry Laguerre, Jacob's hermaphroditic twin, and Bad Jacqui, lesbian owner of a French Quarter bar: are pulled together to form the cynical but ultimately idealistic team who vow to stay in post-Katrina New Orleans.

They all follow a taut path between madness and redemption in the no man's land of Refrigerator Town as they assist in the aftermath and healing of both the city and those who remain




Writing stories under 1,000 words is certainly challenging. Called flash fiction, micro-fiction, sudden fiction, and postcard fiction, these quick writes have become quite popular today. They succeed in accommodating readers on the go who lack the luxury of sitting down for long periods of reading. Like patrons at a smorgasbord, they can taste a little of this fine dish and a little of that. They can leave the table without fear of being still hungry.

"With dry humor and a deep sense of irony, Salvatore Buttaci has delivered a book of sparkling gems. These quick stories make us laugh, think, and at times cry. They take us to the core of reality and at other times to the wonders of fantasy."

-Kenneth Weene author of Widow's Walk




 Clayton Longley, a successful businessman, has returned to his hometown when his family's small cattle ranch is threaten by a contrived eminent domain claim. The local political clique, former schoolmates of his, has a land grabbing heritage and the ensuing conflict degenerates to murder.

To complicate matters, Clay encounters his old love, now married to one of his adversaries. He fights back with his own defense or is it old-fashioned frontier justice? The Longleys are distant relatives of the famous Texas outlaw Wild Bill Longley and Clayton has to cope with the bad blood of his own heritage and a secret he can never share.

Eminent Murder is a thriller set in Byar County, Texas, complete with longhorns, a Texas Ranger, modern outlaws, guns, aircraft and the men who wear white hats.




 After the death of a wife who never loved him and son who meant everything, Bill Ennis travels to Wisconsin in pursuit of a vague yet stirring memory of his long dead father somewhere near the Dells. He forms ties with a small community of people while falling in love with the beautiful Trudy Pas'cal and bonding with her son. The arrival of Trudy's rogue ex-lover and father of her only child shatters this new beginning. The ensuing turmoil and tragedy leads to a poignant and profound discovery from the past that determines a new course in Bill's life journey.


Poetic Melodies



"Poetic Melodies" takes the familiar Haiku to a new level. Each seventeen syllable haiku is able to stand alone, but when joined with other haikus,

they tell a story, a truth, a rant or a tribute. You will find 101 First Place HAIKU STRINGS and six of these have placed FIRST a second time. Five of the Haiku Strings have been featured in "All Things Girl Magazine" and eight others have

received Titled Awards. Other Japanese forms added to this collection are Senryu, Inversed Haiku, and Hay (na) ku.






 A NASA Space Shuttle plummets to Earth. A team of eight rescue workers plunges into a treacherous Texan wilderness to recover the wreckage, and become entwined in a cosmic conspiracy. An uncouth disembodied head enslaves an elderly rancher and uses his cellar as the war room of its campaign

against God, a noir-style slickster with a buxom blonde wife and a taste for margaritas, rockets down from the suburbs of Heaven on a comet to do battle with metaphysical evils. "Shooting Angels" races from the jungles of Texas, to the dark corners of undiscovered space, to the innermost reaches of the

human mind, to the smoggy streets of Central Heaven, where people are free to give in to their most detestable urges. The novel asks its characters to confront their ordering theories of the universe, and raises questions of how we are to envision divinity in a technological age.




Emily Vinson's entire life was impacted by the loss of her mother when she was 2years old. At 82 Emily contacts a hypnotist hoping to draw out hidden memories and discover as much as possible about the short time she spent with the woman who gave her life. Glen Wiley, the hypnotist, teaches her more about herself than she had expected. He helps her bring out memories of many past lives, including an experience that took place on a smoke filled battlefield. All of Emily's lives have had the same tragic outcome, the loss of her mother at a young age. Her soul is caught in what Glen calls circularity, meaning that the tragedy will occur again and again unless she can break the pattern. She and Glen must revisit her past lives and use what they learn to find the other souls who are part of the circle. They must use the past to change the future. Emily's stubborn desire to know her mother is realized in intricate and unsettling ways no one could have imagined possible.




Jack Scanlon, at the threshold of his sixtieth year, finds himself in an uncomfortable recliner in the corridor of Day Surgery at a local hospital, hooked up to an IV tube. He is receiving three units of blood, a process that will take the better part of eight hours. He has all but convinced himself that he is a terminal case, a victim of colon cancer. If a drowning man is capable of witnessing the sum of his entire life before his eyes at the instant before he goes under for the last time, Jack Scanlon has the luxury of witnessing his at his leisure, and in chronological order. His meditations focus largely on his early childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood, which covers roughly the years 1944 through 1961, with a few brief detours into more recent history, a history that involves the deaths of his younger half-brother Keith, and his mother, as well as a short description of his own recent medical struggles.




 Shades of Luz is a modern day Don Quixote, a picaresque rich in characters searching for love and meaning in an otherwise manic-paced world. Grad School dropout Benny Fluke goes from stuffed animal peddler to thumb-wrestling champ. He is a monkey trainer, philosopher, wine snob, and a strip club connoisseur. Above and beyond all that he is a romantic at heart and is desperate to win the love of Luz the hot-blooded, ambitious beauty who keeps boomeranging into his life. Something from Luz's past inextricably bonds them together and Benny will not stop until she is his. Their delightful repartee is crisp, witty, and sumptuously engaging.


Shades of Luz is a whimsical love story with a touch of comedy. Gorman?s quirky little novel is certainly entertaining for those with a sense a humor. Packed with suprises, Gorman displays his skill as a writer with this refreshing, yet somewhat unusual coming of age story. I would say Gorman?s writing is compatible with Ben Winters and his quirky novels, Pride, Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters.

Gorman manages to keep this story going. Although many of the themes in this novel are a bit peculiar, and at times, a little eccentric, he does a fine job in keeping the interest of the reader. The characters are certainly rich...




Mary Flanagan, caught between her sense of religion and obligation on one hand and her very human desire for love and life on the other, is in emotional limbo. When she meets Arnie Berger, who becomes both her lover and philosophic guide, Mary's world seems to be transformed.

Changes also come for Mary's children, who have been trapped in their own dilemmas. Sean, a quadriplegic, is looking for a fulfilled life. Mary's daughter, Kathleen must cope with infertility and anger in her search for happiness.

The lives of all three Flanagans are turned upside down by happiness and tragedy.




A collection of short stories that deal with life, death, the esoteric, human nature, the mundane and the world-at-large. Hugh Fox at his finest, and perhaps his last.

Hugh Fox was born in Chicago in 1932. He spent his childhood studying violin, piano, composition and opera with his Viennese teacher Zerlina Muhlman Metzger. He received a M.A. degree in English from Loyola University in Chicago and his Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). He met his first wife, a Peruvian woman named Lucia Ungaro de Zevallos, while at Urbana-Campaign and was a Professor of American Literature from 1958-1968 at Loyola University in Los Angeles. He became a Professor in the Department of American Thought and Language at Michigan State University in 1968 and remained there until he retired in 1999. It was at MSU that he met his second wife Nona Grimes. They were married in 1970. He received Fulbright Professsorships at the University of Hermosillo in Mexico in 1961, the Instituto Pedagogico and Universidad Catolica in Caracas from 1964 to 1966, and at the University of Santa Catarina in Brazil from 1978-1980. He met his third wife Maria Bernadete Costa in Brazil in 1978. They've been married for 28 years. He studied Latin American literature at the University of Buenos Aires on and OAS grant and spent a year as an archaeologist in the Atacama Desert in Chile in 1986. He was the founder and Board of Directors member of COSMEP, the International Organization of Independent Publishers, from 1968 until its death in 1996. Editor of Ghost Dance: The International Quarterly of Experimental Poetry from 1968-1995. Latin American editor of Western World Review & North American Review, during the 60's. Former contributing reviewer on Smith/ Pulpsmith, Choice etc. currently contributing reviewer to SPR and SMR. Listed in Who's Who: The Two Thousand Most Important Writers in the Last Millenium, Dictionary of Middlewestern Writers, and The International Who's Who. He has 85 books published and has another 30 (mainly the novels and plays and one archaeology book) still unpublished on the shelves.


 ?Stories need inspiration and Hugh Fox has a lot of inspiration to draw from. ?Revoir? is a collection of short stories from this man as he discusses many subjects and gives readers a fine glimpse into his mind through fiction. The stories wide and varies, he discusses many subjects while entertaining the reader, making ?Revoir? a read to be considered.?





 20 short stories in the tradition of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock. Dreams, Nightmares, schemes, past lives, war, high-rolling and mayhem...tales that will have you on the edge of your seat.




 "I can't take it anymore. Love, L" writes Paul Embry's wife of less than a year on the envelope of an electric bill. Thus begins the late summer and fall of Paul Embry's discontent as he struggles to come to grips with the ambivalence he feels about his marriage that this act of his young wife generates in him. In phone conversations with her, later, Paul learns that she has fled to San Francisco, California; he comes to discover that her motive is to catalyze a change in their lives, to induce him to pull up roots from the town where he was born and lived all his life, to begin a new life in a new city, far from the stultifying influence of the depressed New Hampshire mill town where they had married and were living.




Transcendence is a mesmerizing book of magical realism seamlessly woven with threads of primal wisdom. It will reacquaint readers with the profound beauty of our mother planet, while turning their mind's eye to rarely realized realms of possibility.

Gabriel Horn (White Deer of Autumn) is an award-winning author and professor of literature and creative writing, as well as an activist for the spiritual rights of indigenous people, and an outspoken defender of the natural world

Amy Krout-Horn (Last Word Woman) has resided in two worlds; the world of the sighted and the world of the blind. She has been a writer in both of them.

?Transcendence is a special book that shares indigenous wisdoms that come from the authors? native hearts. Each page is like a shell bead of our sacred Quahug-Clam wampum, when woven together, they provide an important message to all of us during this critical time on Mother-Earth.

?Transcendence is an expression of Inaadiziwin; our cultural/spiritual way of life as people of Mother-Earth. Transcendence is like listening to elders share stories that serve to teach and guide us as we walk our sacred Earth journey.?

 Oannes A. Pritzker, ecologist/journalist/educator, Director: Yat Kitischee Native Center




When fate decrees that the paths of a vacationing American architect and a retired German businessman cross, the soul-mates embark on a journey through time that takes them into the past, a journey triggered by a series of mysterious, hidden love notes written centuries before. Would this be the lifetime their love would finally be allowed?






It's about a simple body/mind practice that creates a moment of perfect stillness in the body and in the soul. In that moment, we can rest and heal from any troubles we might have, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. StillPoint is easy to learn, but so interesting and useful that you won't get tired of it, even after a lifetime of using it.




This book concerns the battles and wounds of a war that took place in one individual.

It's a strange, intense tale about good and evil comets; good and evil people; Saint Catharine and witches; hallucinations and visions; living on the streets and long hermitages in the forests; good castles and evil towers; abandonment and forgiveness. This is a medieval journey through a graceless modern world in search of grace, wisdom, light and chivalry. It is a search for a castle of refuge -- a disturbingly intense Dark Night of the Soul.





An American attack on Baghdad leaves heartbroken and angry survivors. Two families, one Muslim and one Christian, are wiped out; their young adult progeny are determined to avenge the loss of their loved ones. David Levy, an Israeli Secret Service Agent with a grudge of his own, knows just how to tap into the vulnerabilities that grief leaves, and organizes the training of select individuals whose desire for vengeance is strong enough to consider a deadly covert mission in America. Trainees will learn to blend in, disappear in the multicultural mix of the US and then infest the food and water supply with a deadly flu virus capable of mutating and infecting the human population. The antidote ? if it works ? will only be revealed under strict demands. Some team members come to realize that they could ultimately be responsible for millions of innocent deaths. Their actions could break the stalemate between the Israelis and Palestinians ? or bring on unparalleled tragedy.

They Plotted Revenge is an intriguing read, and one that left the hair on the back of my neck standing up. It?s one thing to think of a war ?over there? that is more out of sight and out of mind than we care to admit. It?s another thing altogether to realize that the actions that have led us to this point in history could actually be unstoppable. This story ? part fiction and a whole lot of real ? is about an attack set to take place in the US, right under our noses. It isn?t about bombs going off, or folks firing guns and rockets at one another. This is about getting at the very foundation of our own survival. Iraqi youths from different backgrounds within their own country are recruited as covert operators of a frightening army. They are trained to blend in, become part of the society that they are preparing to unravel. They are tasked with infecting America?s food and water with a deadly virus that can mutate to humans, and for which there may not be a ready cure in time, or at a price that we can afford. Working for someone who turns out to be a double agent, at first glance they seem just like young couples anywhere, and all of them are prepared to give up their lives for their cause. As they get to know the Americans that they hide among however, some of them lose heart and decide not to go through with the plan, but in the world that we live in, there will always be someone that will see a project through to the end, even after the battle has ended. Author Abe F. March provides us with a safe haven ? a good book ? to read, discuss and explore what?s really happening, and this is a book you?ll want to make time for. By Pam Robertson, Ph.D. Author of Marching Across the Heart, and the newly published short story Catch You Later.




During changing American social conditions in 1968, a naïve nineteen year old Midwestern girl marries an older Pakistani man and moves to Lahore where she lives as a Muslim wife for almost two years. This young girl does not realize that her new husband married her to gain American citizenship and return to the United States. Her life in Pakistan is filled with adventures shopping bazaars, dancing girls, an Islamic red light district, historical Moghal architecture and social turmoil. Slowly these Pakistani real life experience begin to teach this girl how Muslims control and mistreat their women. The danger of fanatic Shiite religious practices and exciting road travel are all balanced with her status as a blond American woman in a foreign land at the mercy of her Muslim husband. This true story unveils an informed observation of Muslim women?s status in Pakistani society. The Punjabi?s Wife is a book that asserts itself as a true American odyssey, a brave young woman?s adventure story and lessons for western women contemplating relationships with any Muslim man.




Alexander Brogan, New York Philharmonic violinist and Julliard instructor, could not have imagined that his fiancée Charlotte would be murdered at Lincoln Center, nor could he have fathomed abandoning his elite Manhattan lifestyle and retreating to a small town in upstate, New York. Determined to fade away into a quiet, isolated existence as a high school music teacher, he encounters a wily ten-year-old violin prodigy named Kelly, whom he vainly tries to ignore. But through the arm-twisting antics of her straight-shooting, Louisiana-born grandmother, he agrees to teach the child. Ultimately, the experience forces him not only to rediscover his passion for the violin and music, but also to realize that love may very well linger in a heart that only Kelly?s beautiful Aunt Grace can open.


The Grace Note, by Brian Doe, explores the themes of love and loss from a man?s perspective. Alex Brogan, a gifted violinist with the New York Philharmonic, has found happiness in his life?s calling as a composer and musician and in his relationship with his fiancée, Charlotte. But, like the butterfly that flits through this novel, happiness is fragile and a tragedy soon shatters the happiness in Alex?s heart.

Mimicking the form of a musical composition, Doe creates variations on his motif of life-love-loss-love-life through interesting and well-developed characters. Contrasting the glittering culture of professional musicians in Manhattan against the atmosphere of a small town in upstate New York, Doe sets the stage for a wide range of emotions to be played out.

The novel did keep my interest throughout and it was refreshing to see intense emotions from a man?s perspective. It is a love story told in an unusual context that is well-supported by good writing and a satisfactory ending. FOR THE COMPLETE REVIEW GO TO:




Haiku is a poetic form and a type of poetry from the Japanese culture. Haiku combines form, content, and language in a meaningful, yet compact form. Haiku poets write about everyday things. Many themes include nature, feelings, or experiences. Usually they use simple words and grammar. The most common form for Haiku is three short lines. The first line usually contains five (5) syllables. Haiku doesn?t rhyme. A Haiku must paint a mental image in the reader?s mind. This is the challenge of Haiku ? to put the poem?s meaning and imagery in the reader?s mind in ONLY 17 SYLLABLES over just three (3) lines of poetry


At 157 pages, Nancy Lee Shrader?s Haiku Smiles makes for excellent reading because it succeeds in presenting haiku according to the way the ancient haiku poets meant them to be: galaxies of meaning packed in the space of a raindrop.

Haiku Smiles will delight readers in search of poetic entertainment that touches on so many topics and themes: brief 5-7-5 syllabic encounters that satisfy like lengthy visits offered by much longer poetry.

Nancy Lee Shrader?s pen is a mighty one! Obviously an attentive student of poetry, she has honed her craft insightfully well as indicated by the poems in this collection. Brilliantly observant, she has translated her awe of the world around her into the lines of her haiku with which readers can relate with their own wonder about nature?s beauty and power. With strong word choice and vivid imagery, Nancy is able to capture a sliver of the natural and preserve the moment in the form of a haiku. No easy task!

Here are two haiku from Haiku Smiles:


Dances in crimson

Roses blush in the garden

Embarrassing spring

the options from the toolbar.


Caustic rivers run

Deceitful rocks hide below

Corroding the shore

As a published poet myself, a conductor of poetry workshops, and a longtime judge of poetry contests, I can with much pleasure and assurance recommend Haiku Smiles to anyone in search of uplifting poetry. As expressed in Nancy Lee Shrader?s own words from her haiku ?Kettles and Conversation?: ?Dreams are voiced here.?

Salvatore Buttaci




A collection of poetry related to life and living that was written over several years. I've poured my heart into these pieces - so many of them are about raising a daughter in this age. 

Poetry eBook Review - Where the Fenceline Runs by Dave Barber

Not normally a reader of poetry, I was pleasantly surprised when I read David Barber?s latest eBook. The book is titled Where the Fenceline Runs, and includes a good number of poems by my now favorite poet.

The simple reality is that good poetry is rare. Sure you can find lots of decent poems related to love, loss, etc, but poetry related to all topics in life (that actually makes you stop and think) is hard to find.

In the eBook Where the Fenceline runs, good poetry is exactly what you?ll find. Dave doesn?t follow one style, or cover one topic, rather this collection of poems deals with many aspects of life, and almost all of them will move you and/or make you think. Poems like For some reason, Horizons, Kingdoms, and Keepers truly convey feeling, and they really make you stop and consider.

For anyone who enjoys a good poem, I am highly recommending this eBook. The book contains close to 100 poems, and at $6.39 for the Kindle book, it is a great investment in excellent reading material.

The award winning online magazine for readers and writers of multi-cultural literature.









In JESUS TAUGHT IT, TOO! THE EARLY ROOTS OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, Philip Harris examines over 70 quotes from the Master. He shows that, contrary to recent claims and "revelation," The "Law of Attraction" has not been a "Secret" after all. Instead, it has been there for all to see for over two thousand years. THIS TITLE HAS BEEN IN THE TOP 2% ON AMAZON SINCE OCTOBER 2007. It was previously published by Avatar Publication but is now HOME with ALL THINGS THAT MATTER PRESS.






We live in a time, a world, of uncertainty. Our entire reality is being questioned as environmental, spiritual, political, social, and economic institutions are breaking apart at the seams. People are searching for new answers to age-old questions, as the old answers no longer seem to work. They have put their cries for help in a bottle; there are many who have chosen to respond. In this first of a series "messages" we hear from noted authors, healers and mystics as they offer their words of advice and wisdom on topics that will help us achieve personal transformation. In this "bottle":



SANDI KIMMEL, Songwriter and singer

DR. MICHAEL SHARP, mystic and author

SHIRLEY CHENG, Author, Inspiration

DAN STONE, Channeler

Collected Messages I Guides For Personal Transformation

Collected Messages I

Guides For Personal Transformation

Philip F. Harris

All Things That Matter Press, 2008

ISBN: 1449420114

Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for, 2/09

4 Stars

New Age?

I was immediately struck by the cover of this book. The photo of a bottle with a message speaks a thousand words. This book contains the opinions of six different people on the similar topics. The connecting thread is the word ?healing?. The concept of light spectrum and healing was new to me. Michael is a mystic that discusses the ?Thing? that is going to happen. Each interviewee encourages people to look inside for their healing.

I would consider most of this book New Age.  






COLLECTED MESSAGES BOOK II continues to bring humanity rays of light and hope. Author Ed Rychkun addresses financial and complete body, mind and spirit connections. Linda Walker shows the spiritual side of weight reduction and how your mind set creates your appearance. Ken MacLean talks about the “Big Picture,” the vibrational Universe and “life solutions. Linda Saper-Bloom takes you down the path of alternative healing. Zoë Routh discusses how she won her battle with cancer using spiritual laws. These ‘messengers’ also discuss the law of attraction and the use of basic spiritual principles to create your own reality.   


Want to get off the financial hamster wheel?


Never “lose’ weight again!


The “Big Picture” and the Law of Attraction!


Do you really need to keep taking all of those pills?


Beating cancer with a state of mind!





 Collected Messages II

Collected Messages II

Guides For Personal Transformation

Philip F. Harris

All Things That Matter Press, 2008

ISBN: 1449429219

Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for, 2/09

4 Stars

New Age…

This is the second volume of interviews with Philip Harris. Harris is a mystic. His latest book ,Collected Messages II: Guides For Personal Transformation, is very New Age. The five interviewees discuss their views on healing. Much of this book is on positive thinking. While I do not agree with Harris’ beliefs and teachings, I do believe he has done an excellent job putting his book together.





 In the “old days” the works of essayists started revolutions and altered the course of history. Today’s essayists are called “bloggers” and they, too, are shaping public opinion on a world-wide scale. Bloggers are creating a written snapshot of world events and shaping opinions and public policies. This collection of essays, written as blogs, asks the important question, “What’s Wrong With Us, Anyway?” in the areas of politics, religion, the environment, health, our society and our economics.






Andrew, the young comparative religions professor from Book I, knows what he needs to do. He needs to give the still sleeping Adam flesh, by mating with a young and mysterious Middle Eastern woman known as Mara. The time is right at last, so what can possibly stop Andrew and Mara from coming together in fulfillment of prophecy? Well, for one thing, there's Michael.

And then there are those who follow Michael, the great archangel who's made it his mission to keep humanity in its current ignorant and deluded state. Ranged on the looming battle's other side are Mantrella, Bringer of Light, and those who follow him. Meanwhile, Earth itself convulses as its inhabitants endure the plagues of Revelation. Will those who can stop Michael act in time? And even if they do, will they prevail?





Philip F. Harris, Brian L. Doe

 Welcome to the Third Edition of Waking God: The Journey Begins. The Waking God Trilogy is not about the doom and gloom that organized religions would have you believe. It is not about an Armageddon style 'end times' that pits good against evil in some final battle where religious dogma is triumphant. Yes, there is a final battle of sorts, but as Mantrella says, "It is not about saving humanity, it never has been." While the Trilogy comes down hard on organized religion and its 'worn out dogma,' it is not atheistic. Instead, it totally rejects the idea of some schizophrenic super-being that loves to punish and reward its servants, and recognizes a Universal consciousness of which we are all a part. It acknowledges that within each of us there is a 'god seed' that is waiting to experience an awakening brought on, as in any major evolution, by not only environmental, but also social, economic, and political stress that will help to create a spontaneous evolution in humanity. Or, if allowed to remain dormant, this same seed will be our undoing. The prophecies all speak of a choice. Nostradamus, the Hopi, the Mayans, the I Ching, the Riddles of DaVinci and the Tarot speak to a time of choosing. Hidden codices, books of revelation, and ancient sacred texts also speak of this time of choosing. That time is upon us. The elements are all there. From bursts of energy from the center of our galaxy to the scientific discoveries about the true nature of our reality, the puzzle nears its completion.

"...makes the Da Vinci Code look like a church hymn.... It should make you think. Calling it provocative is an understatement. ...groundbreaking and revolutionary ideas .... Epic in scope ...."





Based on true historical events, "Brendan Malone: The Last Fenian" is a folkloric satire examining the dark, destructive side of paternal love.

Roscommon, Ireland-1910. A string of crop failures and

botched rebellions had left the country a pitiful wasteland. Brendan Malone, a struggling Gaelic landlord and memberof the secret Irish Republican Brotherhood, succumbs to a midlife flare-up of nationalism, while his two sons climb the academic Olympus at University College Dublin. Dylan, primitive and compliant, clings to his overbearing father, while Hugh, anglicized beyond recognition, harbors his own ambitions that do not include liberating his native land.

"M.J. Neary has added a well-crafted and finely researched novel to the genre."--Kenneth Weene, author of "Memoirs From The Asylum"

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

"gripping read from beginning to end"--Gary Inbinder, author of "Confessions of the Creature

The author has brought a difficult period of Irish history to life through a combination of historical and fictional characters.--Jim Dougherty, President of "The Wild Goose"




Determined to make something of herself, Tulsey Winslow moves from a small farming town to a golf course community in the Mid-Atlantic region. Here, minivans and lattes reign supreme, and proper grass height seems to earn better rewards than human decency. When rumbles of deep discontent come from inside every household on Nacre Court, Tulsey becomes the neighborhood's secret confidant and the voice of reason that ultimately unites a community. Along the way, she battles some demons of her own. Echoes of Her is a tale of identity, what's missing in suburbia, and the costs of chasing the American Dream. It is also a story about love, compassion, and the little ways in which people can make a big difference.




With the Civil War behind them, Ethan Michaels, a widower with a young daughter, and Larissa Edwards, whose husband was killed in the war, look forward to living out their days on the family farm in Ohio. Fate, however, has other plans. Larissa's

daughter survives a deadly illness, but with tragic, far-reaching consequences.

Larissa and Ethan have planted their marriage in the rich soil of shared love, but when someone from Larissa's earlier life appears, the roots stretching deep into their separate pasts yield heartbreak that threatens to destroy their new-found happiness.




"... an international team of researchers...has finally come to the conclusion that the cat is the manliest pet."

This gem of wisdom, and many, many others, are embedded in the search of one man - and his cat - for the Truth.

Join them as they travel from "healer" to "healer" in their

quest for wholeness.



"When all that's left is broken, which piece do you pick up first?"

So the question stands, and seeks fulfillment- a path reaching from the shores of a doomed paradise, through an illusory reality, and ending in a devastated future. Remnant, a collection of three novellas, is both the sum of these tales and the element that binds them together.




Travel along with Manny Markovitz and his guide, Abis -- part Native American, part madman -- as they take you on a wild, always funny, sometimes poignant journey from the wilds of Greece to the bogs and barrier islands of south Georgia, USA in search for Abis's boss, Willy Love. Enter with them into a world of imagination, wild adventure and absolute delight as Manny wakens back to life and love after a great personal tragedy. Perhaps you will, too. Critic Erwin Ford calls Revelations "a Candide for the 21st century."


"I love it! And I'm jealous. . . you're quite a writer. Such pure, unadorned dialect; good strong story. Your characters live."

-- Janice Daugharty, author of Earl in the Yellow Shirt (nominated for the Pulitzer Prize)

"Moving . . . powerful. . . ."

-- Elizabeth S. Morgan

"A fine prose-poem."

-Wayne Brown, author of On the Coast (winner of the Commonwealth Prize)




 Magic without the hocus pocus, these stories explore the ethereal blur between reality and not, between dream and sleep, between love and 'other than' love. They present relationships with a tender wackiness. Tossed into the mix are mischievous ghosts, who give the talking plants and even the seductive and vocal grains of sand a run for their money. Quirky and offbeat, these stories will touch your heart, although they may tug at your funny bone first.




 Women of the Round Table centers on a group of friends who meet regularly around a kitchen table. Nothing is as it appears, and none of these women

are ordinary. Each of these characters shares a common ground which gradually becomes invested with greater meaning ... bound together by

generations of birth, death, and the miraculous ... a crystal has been handed down to a pair of sisters. It has power in it: each holder can make one wish.


Surviving the Second World War



The stories of warfare as experienced by children may take a lifetime to understand and describe. For some it took many years before they were able to reflect upon the

meaning of the war as they lived through it. What happened to children across the world during the Second World War, in the years 1930 to 1945, shows a common

theme of emotional upheaval, fear and hunger. The author was a child living in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and remembers what the war years were

like. She has gathered accounts from others to include along with hers. These are their stories.




A compelling novel that intertwines the stories of people from Ireland, India, and America, their lives touched by the untold stories of global immigration. Claire is the

American wife of an executive in the World Bank, living in Dublin during the economic boom times. Brigid is a single Irish woman who, after spending

most of her adult live working as a midwife on Native American reservations, is now returning home to Ireland. Padmaj is a man, originally from

India and now an Irish citizen, who owns a

restaurant in Dublin. As they connect with each other across cultural differences and learn to face their histories of violence and immigration with honesty and love, they learn that all people share common dreams of a renewed world.




Irem of the Crimson Desert is a Zodiac splendor, sparkling like one dream-jewel while unveiling the Muslim Paradise built on earth by King Shedad. Destroyed by God's wrath this sacred and fabulous Garden became a dark hole inside the heart of the Arabian Desert. As mentioned in the Quran, Irem is the city of lofty towers, many-columned palaces and exquisite gardens. Lawrence of Arabia called it the Lost Atlantis of the Arabian Desert. Archeologists have discovered this dark hole and are still making discoveries amidst the ruins of the city of Ubar where many-columned Irem once boasted of its palaces grand and enchanting. All that grandeur of the past now comes alive in this single book of historic tides which has kept the city of Irem alive through the lips of the troubadours and storytellers. This book would surely stencil the glorious Irem over the hearts and minds of the bibliophiles while inspiring the archeologists to unearth this replica of Paradise.

Dost thou not consider how thy Lord dealt with many-columned Irem? The like of which was not created in the lands. And with the tribe of Thamud, who clove the rocks in the Valley. Quran 89:6-9





 In the tradition of 1984 and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, 2031: THE SINGULARITY POGROM explores humanity's next great evolutionary challenge. Set in a violent near-future where human and artificial intelligence threaten to merge, 2031 is a clash of wills between software genius Ray Brown, his gifted but troubled son David, and megalomaniac Dianne Morgan, Ray's one-time lover.

David Brown's unique ability to mentally communicate with Sentinel, the artificial intelligence running the Internet, marks him as a prime candidate for Dianne's experiment to integrate human and artificial intelligence. Then the tipping point arrives; in a gruesome delivery, David's beloved wife dies birthing a son who seems barely human. The antagonism between father and son grows into hatred as the boy matures. By age six, Martin Brown's powers already exceed David's, and he plots to kill his father in order to claim Sentinel as his own.

Human evolution hangs in the balance as David, Ray, Dianne, and Martin clash in an epic conflict that comes to a startling and unexpected conclusion in 2031.






This is a revolutionary book that serves as an exciting roadmap for people everywhere, offering advice on how to gain more control over their lives at both the

individual level and also in their local communities. Encompassing diverse areas such as health, education, careers, economics, and spirituality, it points a clear path for individuals to gain self-empowerment, leading to more security and happiness in their lives, which will, in its own turn, lead to stronger local communities.When we decide to live our lives with truth, integrity, passion, and optimism, we are then building Cities of Gold, our version of heaven on Earth, a place we all know can exist.




"What goes around, comes around." Truer words were never spoken, as evidenced by the complex interactions and fates of the characters in "The Turn of The Karmic Wheel."

When the residents of Raleigh begin to hear music and voices that aren't "there", and to receive frightening messages from no discernable source, it soon becomes

apparent that changes must - and will - be made: to their everyday lives, to their relationships, to their bodies, and, most importantly, to their souls.




Abortion, politics, and religion come head-to-head! The Accident is a gripping novel presenting current controversial political and moral conflicts.

The husband of a woman who loses her unborn child wants the politician responsible for her loss to pay the full price; jail time.

An activist lawyer vies for higher office and commits all of his family's savings into the campaign. Does he best represent his constituents' agenda or his own self-importance? He is the hands-down favorite and is supported by a national organization. When what has become an all too common moral character flaw surfaces, should it prevent him from fulfilling this goal? Will this case ensure his success?

A Catholic Bishop is challenged by the hierarchy to withdraw his support of the accused on moral grounds, what choice does he have?

When the laws of society and moral precepts of religious teachings collide in a court room, only one can prevail. Which will a jury decide?

Which will you decide?

"The Accident truly rivals the great Grisham books for action packed pages and a real life story that will touch all of your emotions. It will make you think about the Life issues facing society and truly challenge you and your convictions."

Armand Brunelle III





Suppose you were standing, like a tourist protected by a guardrail, over an opening into the pit of hell, when suddenly the rail gave way and you tumbled in. You

wouldn't know why - consumed with fear or anger, and surrounded by utter misery, it wouldn't make sense to you. Yet the fate of many of the poor souls in our prison mental facilities is not so very different from that scenario, their crimes often resulting from the effect of some form of mental illness. Who can help them? Enter George.




Set in rural Vermont during the 1968-69 academic year, Gemini is the story of one man's effort to salvage his life. Jack Scanlon returns to his hometown after an 18 year absence, taking a position as a high school science teacher, and moving in with his uncle and his wife after losing, due to his excessive drinking, his wife and young daughter, and his job. Scanlon's ambivalence extends to his views on the war in

Vietnam, the hippie culture, and his own identity. After an incestuous dream, he is driven to seek counseling. His counselor, with the unlikely name of Robert Kennedy, whose somewhat unorthodox therapeutic method includes whiskey

drinking during sessions, becomes not only Scanlon's counselor, but his alter ego. Their relationship becomes fundamental to Scanlon's continuing struggle for a better life.




Appalachian Uprising chronicles the May Family through a decade of hardship and humor. The author weaves together a story of their triumphs and their losses told largely through the mischievous exploits of four boys. The story is told through the voice of the youngest brother, who both admires and mimics his older siblings. The family goes through many changes, such as their hardworking mother marrying a much younger man and moving from one home to another, but the real meat of the story is the hilarious exploits of four young boys left to their own devices in an Appalachian world of hills and hollers.

From their homemade flying machine, to hairspray flamethrowers and death-defying sleigh rides, the reader is led along a humorous odyssey of growing up that makes one not only long for childhood, but sometimes makes the reader wonder how we managed to survive...


A Soul's Surprising Journey



Out of the Box: A Soul's Surprising Journey chronicles the 25-year modern-day odyssey of the soul now known in the spiritual realms as Lucerne. This saga of actively lived soul retrieval and karmic resolutuion begins with the author's sudden transcendent remembrance of being born into this lifetime. Through direct, ongoing, laser-like experiences, she is able to recover parts of her soul that had been "frozen in time," offering the reader a glimpse into the lessons of karma and how karmic residue comes up for redress in present time.

Through intercession by her Divine Self, her tireless spirit guides, and Mother Mary, the author benefits from a broad-based spiritual curriculum that literally took her all over the world. To continue her spiritual adventure, this soul must first let go of long-held anger, and must truly forgive herself and others.

At times hilarious, at times shocking, every word is true!




It's been twelve years since Olivia and Joel Cameron last invited the family to spend the weekend at their country home; a visit that ended in tragedy. Scott, Joel's outrageously sexy youngest brother, was found dead. The repercussions have torn the family apart.

Olivia's sister Violet has persuaded her to host a reunion so that they can finally lay their ghosts to rest. However, there are some secrets too destructive to remain hidden, and Violet, still grieving for the man she loved, is determined to uncover the truth.

As the web of hostility and deceit begins to unravel, family ties are tested to the limit.

In his obituary in 1899, the New York Times called Samual Worthington Dewey "one of the most picturesque characters in American history."

For most of his life, Dewey was referred to in public as a sea captain, but his 92 years were much more eclectic. He collected knowledge and was attracted by persons who shared his acquisitive thirst for experience and learning.

Based in the true-life experiences of Samuel W. Dewey, Stealing Andrew Jackson's Head is a fictionalized account of those events, as told by Dewey to eleven-year-old Jake Cooper.





Sold into slavery by his foster parents and smuggled out of Alberta, Canada, Daniel is

held captive by Terrance McMaster, a greedy and sadistic farmer. While he toils in a mine, Daniel discovers an ancient geode and a forgotten civilization. Though the discovery would change the known history of the world, the world is not ready for the crystals' amazing powers. #9 Grundpark Road is an inspiring tale of perseverance and heroism. Will Daniel be able to survive a power that has destroyed everyone who has come in contact with it? Will he discover the true meaning of family?


Tales From Arctic Alaska



Welcome to Arctic Alaska, a land of twenty-four hour darkness and twenty-four

hour light, poverty in the midst of unfathomable wealth, 4,000 year-old

traditions, and the latest gadgets, raw whale meat, high fructose corn syrup, pristine

beauty and gum wrappers. Follow the lives of nineteen souls in a rare

existence where ancient meets present. Some are the original Inupiat Eskimos, some

are Outsiders. Some subsist on the bounty of the land and sea, some are outdoors only for the 20- second trot between the car and the building. But all are dependent on what lies beneath--oil, until something happens that threatens to destroy this existence





This compelling story begins on June 6, 1944 when Corporal Paul Pinski of the 101st Airborne Division is killed in action after he covers a hand grenade with his body during the D-Day Invasion. At the same time in Highlandtown, the blue-collar section of east Baltimore, Paul's wife Lucy gives birth to their first child who learns at an early age the benefits associated with limited competition. Drama is found on every page of this story as the Dexter-type anti-hero follows his natural instincts that lead him down a road to success paved with the bodies of his rivals.

  Six Weeks to Yehidah




Move over, C.S. Lewis; Melissa Studdard is here!

Annalise of the Verdant Hills is one of the most delightful protagonists to skip through the pages of literature since Dorothy landed in Oz.

Join Annalise and her two walking, talking wondersheep as they travel to ever more outlandish places and meet outrageous and enlightening folk on their journey to discover interconnectedness in a seemingly disconnected world.

Discover with them how just one person can be the start of the change we all strive for.

A book for all ages, for all time: wonderful, wacky, and bursting with truth!




"Darkness: the place where light best reveals itself."

In the potent and poignant language of fine literature, this stunningly honest autobiographical novel grants candid views of chronic illness, blindness, and Native American racial identity, against the backdrop of a world often determined to demean, degrade, and disenfranchise.

Though Amy Krout-Horn's inheritance brings illness, it also brings strong medicine, medicine remembered on a cellular level, derived from the profound wisdom of her Lakota ancestors. But can the ancient council fire's "spark" that ignited within a young girl's heart continue to guide the woman, even as the monster drags her into the

"darkest darkness"?

Like the reverberations of a native drum, Amy Krout-Horn's visceral voice resounds, imparting the message that, sometimes, our bloodlines become our lifelines.






Texas in the 50's, 60's, 70's to the present! This

autobiography-memoir contains it all. Drama, humor,scandal, sex, inter-racial relationships, greed, oil, money,religion, family dysfunction. What a ride!

"Confessions of a Crazy Fox" is the culmination of almost a decade of trying to write my strange life story as honestly as I can remember. It took some extremely stressful events to make me finally realize I didn't care anymore what anyone thinks about the way I think. It happened...and it was sometimes just

outright that's the way I wrote it.

Anna Mullins has a great voice...She pulls no punches, whether talking about sibling relations, race relations, feminism, or herself. As she says, "You can't undo the wrong you do by trying to make someone appear worse than you. That's why I'm confessing my worst sins, not just others'." And boy does she!

~Mike Stiles-Oklahoma City, OK.

"This is an extraordinary tale about an extraordinary life, told by an extraordinary writer." ~John M. Daniel, author of THE POET'S FUNERAL


of the






Young Marco, blissfully living with his grandparents, is whisked away to a new school when his parents re-enter his life. Befriended by Father McCool, Marco is groomed with methodical precision, exclusive indulgences, and thrilling sports outings. Slowly, he is introduced to alcohol and porn, molested, and programmed for life with sexual perversions.

Years later, Marco self-medicates in a subconscious attempt to suppress the lurid memories of dark secrets hidden behind closed rectory doors and to control an insatiable appetite for morally depraved behavior. He struggles to prove to himself there is a virtuous self hiding deep inside. When he finds a patient and understanding therapist, the reconstruction of his twisted life begins. But by now the rippling effect of abuse has spread throughout his dysfunctional family. Marco crawls, wobbles and falls, gets back up, and continues on his painful yet heroic journey to separate himself from the shameful creature he'd become ... all the while juggling single parenthood and his career along with his internal battles.

 And God said, "let there be evolution!"

Edited by

Charles M.Wynn, Sr.


Arthur W. Wiggins

This book answers "YES!" to the question, "Is it possible to reconcile the Theory of Evolution with the Scriptures?" Accepting evolution does not require abandoning

one's faith. Created in response to 9/11, this book addresses

the continuing conflict between science teaching and religious beliefs, the dangerous effects of scriptural literalism, and heightened interest in

interfaith initiatives.

A JEWISH scientist (David Kay, Conservative Rabbi in Florida), CHRISTIAN scientist (Howard Van Till, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Astronomy and Physics at Calvin College in Michigan), and MUSLIM scientist (T.O. Shanavas, M.D., pediatrician in Michigan)

present scientific evidence for the Theory of Evolution and then explain how they reconcile that theory with the scriptural sources and beliefs of their religions.





 The Second Coming of Humanity is Book III of the WAKING GOD TRILOGY; Book I is titled The Journey Begins and Book II, The Sacred Rota. The series has been called "epic in scope," and New York Times bestselling author Piers Anthony says, "It will make you think." Focusing on 'worn out religious dogma' as one of the leading causes of human strife, the Trilogy turns the mythical world of good vs. evil on its head. Mantrella, a.k.a. Lucifer, is the champion of humanity, while the Archangel Michael fights to suppress human evolution by preventing the physical birth of the biblical Adam. Mantrella's basic view is summed up when he says, "It is not about saving humanity, it never has been." Human destiny is placed squarely on the shoulders of where it belongs: choice; our thoughts create our reality.

The Second Coming picks up after the 'end of the world' in 2012. It shows how humanity has brought itself to the precipice where it must decide whether it survives or becomes a part of the current '6th great extinction.' Further evidence and guidance of the ancient Tarot Code is revealed as the characters find themselves on their final journey to Jerusalem. Eli knows that the Battle of Armageddon has already begun, but not the one religion portrays as the End Times. Yet the trip must be made in order for the pieces of the Apocalypse to be revealed. Can Michael stop the physical birth of Adam? Do the forces of good and evil battle it out for humanity's soul? Is Lucifer really the 'great deceiver' or is he humanity's guardian? Who can truly save humanity, if indeed it needs saving? In The Second Coming of Humanity all that is hidden is revealed between the lines and beyond the words. Will the 'dreamer' awaken? You must decide! In these times of economic, political, social and religious upheaval, the TRILOGY is required reading, now more than ever!




 Master of the Flash is back! In his new collection of 200 short-short stories, Salvatore Buttaci introduces us to characters hard to forget. In less than 1,000 words they tell stories of humor, hidden emotions, love, nostalgia, violence, time and space travel, and downright horror. The author's flashes appeal to all readers in search of a good read worth the purchase price. It won't be so easy putting this book down.



 Katie Rosa was ready and eager to start a family, so when the pregnancy test from the local pharmacy told her she was expecting a tiny tax deduction, she was thrilled. Since this was her first pregnancy, she had no reason to imagine that

things might go terribly wrong.

Five months into her pregnancy, Katie was thrust into the scary unknown world of hospital maternity wards, high-risk doctor's offices, and the tedious life of the bedridden.

Through the course of her ordeal, Katie experienced times of overwhelming fear, moments of intense happiness, and learned that humor, family, and friends really do make the difference in a crisis.





For Lukas Willow, the only fate worse than death ... is life.

Once a musical prodigy, Lukas' life took a vastly different turn when he discovered that he possessed unexplainable clairvoyant powers.

Haunted by troubling visions, he becomes an alcoholic recluse, his life suspended in a stagnant state of paranoia and self pity. When the mysterious Katie Reiker, a beautiful but emotionally scarred young woman, shows up on his doorstep, an unconventional relationship begins to develop that might just save them both. Time is running out, however. An impending natural disaster that only Lukas knows about forces him to make a difficult decision, one that will affect the lives and futures of everyone in his town.

This poignant, captivating novel explores the importance of making connections, and the paradoxes of finding hope, forgiveness, and redemption, even when faced with the fatal condition of being human.


A Soul's Surprising Journey



Out of the Box: A Soul's Surprising Journey chronicles the 25-year modern-day odyssey of the soul now known in the spiritual realms as Lucerne. This saga of actively lived soul retrieval and karmic resolutuion begins with the author's sudden transcendent remembrance of being born into this lifetime. Through direct, ongoing, laser-like experiences, she is able to recover parts of her soul that had been "frozen in time," offering the reader a glimpse into the lessons of karma and how karmic residue comes up for redress in present time.

Through intercession by her Divine Self, her tireless spirit guides, and Mother Mary, the author benefits from a broad-based spiritual curriculum that literally took her all over the world. To continue her spiritual adventure, this soul must first let go of long-held anger, and must truly forgive herself and others.

At times hilarious, at times shocking, every word is true!




It's been twelve years since Olivia and Joel Cameron last invited the family to spend the weekend at their country home; a visit that ended in tragedy. Scott, Joel's outrageously sexy youngest brother, was found dead. The repercussions have torn the family apart.

Olivia's sister Violet has persuaded her to host a reunion so that they can finally lay their ghosts to rest. However, there are some secrets too destructive to remain hidden, and Violet, still grieving for the man she loved, is determined to uncover the truth.

As the web of hostility and deceit begins to unravel, family ties are tested to the limit.



Charles D. Rodenbough

Assisted by Ryan Ray Rodenbough

In his obituary in 1899, the New York Times called Samual Worthington Dewey "one of the most picturesque characters in American history."

For most of his life, Dewey was referred to in public as a sea captain, but his 92 years were much more eclectic. He collected knowledge and was attracted by persons who shared his acquisitive thirst for experience and learning.

Based in the true-life experiences of Samuel W. Dewey, Stealing Andrew Jackson's Head is a fictionalized account of those events, as told by Dewey to eleven-year-old Jake Cooper.